Art is a tool to provoke and push our boundaries. It is a tool to help us to evolve. As an individuals and as a society.

I posted this picture yesterday on my Instagram. Unfortunately it was taken down after two minutes, because of it’s content. I didn’t mean to violate any rules. It’s an artistic picture, taken by artist and photographer. It supposed to provoke a bit but in a funny and gentle way.

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Play harmoniously

I’ve gashed my eyebrow during muay thai training. When accidents like that happens, our first reaction is blaming, finding guilty or at least a reason. This is how our mind works. In this way it wants to protect us, so in the future we can avoid similar situations. But somehow it’s not first time I gashed my eyebrow…

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I just got Kundalini experience during muay thai training. It was super hot Thai afternoon. Really heavy two hours training. At the end I had sparing with one of locals. My body was so tired that it didn’t want to cooperate any more. It almost collapsed. I stand in front of the fan. Wave of goosebumps flood my whole body. I came back home. Sit on my porch and enjoy my favorite time of the day – twilight. I didn’t use any techniques of meditation. Just enjoy the colors. Listening to crickets, dogs barking, motorbike somewhere very far. Feel calm and detached, experiencing world through the senses.

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The third poison according to Kalachakra tantra is lust or selfish desire. Lust is an intense craving or longing for an object or circumstance. It can take any form such as the lust for sexuality, love, money, power or even food.

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Today my Honda has turned 100 000 km’s in mileage! I bought her 7 years ago, when I arrived to Thailand. Then, she had 50 000 km’s on her counter. I travelled on her through the whole of Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia and was using this bike throughout the entire the time which I have spent on Koh Phangan. If I count correctly, she is now 14 y.o. I recently put a lot of money into repairs. I could rent some cool motorcycle for that money for my whole my stay here but I really love that bike and I’m very happy she is still alive and drives so well.

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Tantric yoga is a science of inner alchemy. It is a science of transmutation and sublimation, in which we are learning how to change the inferior into the superior and discover our full, supreme nature. In Tibetan yoga of Kalacakra Tantra we have distinguished five main poisons or delusions, which are imprisoning consciousness on the low levels (samsara). As it is tantric practice and the goal is not to fight against those poisons, but to transmute them into wisdom. Today I started to practice with the first of them, which is pride. Continue reading “Pride”