The third poison according to Kalachakra tantra is lust or selfish desire. Lust is an intense craving or longing for an object or circumstance. It can take any form such as the lust for sexuality, love, money, power or even food.

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Tantric yoga is a science of inner alchemy. It is a science of transmutation and sublimation, in which we are learning how to change the inferior into the superior and discover our full, supreme nature. In Tibetan yoga of Kalacakra Tantra we have distinguished five main poisons or delusions, which are imprisoning consciousness on the low levels (samsara). As it is tantric practice and the goal is not to fight against those poisons, but to transmute them into wisdom. Today I started to practice with the first of them, which is pride. Continue reading “Pride”

Vishuddha chakra, consciousness of the big picture

This is Spodek Arena, the venue which hosted the 2018 United Nations Climate Change Conference. An international conference which is striving for limiting global warming and climate change. What is the practical application of the event? So far none. Most of the countries are still increasing production of carbon dioxide instead of decreasing it. And there is no collective effort to remove the excess of greenhouse gasses which are already in our atmosphere.

Writing this blogpost is a part of my Vishuddha chakra tapas. The consciousness of Vishuddha chakra can be described by the word transpersonal. It means moving beyond the limits of personal identity. It is the way of perceiving reality from macrocosmic perspective. Being able to detach from individual fears, needs and desires and see the big picture.

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Tame me

I’m a cheeky lion. A proud, impulsive, angry, savage and competitive animal. Tame me. Tame me because I’m a wild beast. I mark my territory and guard it. When someone comes to close, I attack. When something scares me, I attack. I roar. I bite. I tear with my claws. It is my instinct, my raw nature.

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Makara – Capricorn

The first month of my Svathisthana tapas. I spend mostly on the beaches traveling between Sydney and Cairns. I must say I’m impressed with their beauty. I really love Sydney where the big city is meeting a beautiful sunny beach and somehow those two world are existing interspersing each other. For sure it is a place where I can live and enjoy the lifestyle. I also enjoyed the beauty and ease of Newcastle, vibrant energy of Byron Bay, magic of Whiteheaven Beach, length of the Gold Coast and elegant charm on Noosa. Besides the beach I camped mostly at the campgrounds next to rivers and visiting numerous waterfalls.

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What motivates me to write this article is being currently in a transformative process of reorganising my life. At this time I’m noticing and letting go of old patterns and conditioning. What was working yesterday, doesn’t want to work anymore. What I was used to is falling apart. In the same time the future is not revealed yet. It is very fogy. Hard to navigate and find direction. What to do now? Where to start?

This situation is related to the cycles of the Universe and happening not only to me. It is happening in the collective subconsciousness, that’s why so many of you can probably relate to what I’m writing here. This process is not easy. Many of us are felling disturbed, lost, even a bit hopeless. There is truly nothing to do. Just wait patiently for the switch in the collective mind. That’s why I choose this topic of surrender, as it is a great time to practice it. Continue reading “Surrender”