Vishuddha chakra, consciousness of the big picture

This is Spodek Arena, the venue which hosted the 2018 United Nations Climate Change Conference. An international conference which is striving for limiting global warming and climate change. What is the practical application of the event? So far none. Most of the countries are still increasing production of carbon dioxide instead of decreasing it. And there is no collective effort to remove the excess of greenhouse gasses which are already in our atmosphere.

Writing this blogpost is a part of my Vishuddha chakra tapas. The consciousness of Vishuddha chakra can be described by the word transpersonal. It means moving beyond the limits of personal identity. It is the way of perceiving reality from macrocosmic perspective. Being able to detach from individual fears, needs and desires and see the big picture.

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Humane means conscious

Two days ago I joined a protest defending animal rights. This manifestation was happening in Warsaw, in front of Polish parliament. The protest was against the plans of the ruling party (Law and Justice) which has given a sign that it wants to withdraw from some of the provisions of the amendment to the Animal Protection Act, such as the ban on fur farming, keeping dogs on chains, using animals in circuses, or ritual slaughter.

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