The third poison according to Kalachakra tantra is lust or selfish desire. Lust is an intense craving or longing for an object or circumstance. It can take any form such as the lust for sexuality, love, money, power or even food.

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Today my Honda has turned 100 000 km’s in mileage! I bought her 7 years ago, when I arrived to Thailand. Then, she had 50 000 km’s on her counter. I travelled on her through the whole of Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia and was using this bike throughout the entire the time which I have spent on Koh Phangan. If I count correctly, she is now 14 y.o. I recently put a lot of money into repairs. I could rent some cool motorcycle for that money for my whole my stay here but I really love that bike and I’m very happy she is still alive and drives so well.

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Tantric yoga is a science of inner alchemy. It is a science of transmutation and sublimation, in which we are learning how to change the inferior into the superior and discover our full, supreme nature. In Tibetan yoga of Kalacakra Tantra we have distinguished five main poisons or delusions, which are imprisoning consciousness on the low levels (samsara). As it is tantric practice and the goal is not to fight against those poisons, but to transmute them into wisdom. Today I started to practice with the first of them, which is pride. Continue reading “Pride”

See what you made me do

“Whenever you are about to find fault with someone, ask yourself the following question: What fault of mine most nearly resembles the one I am about to criticize?”
– Marcus Aurelius

When moving from Manipura tapas to Anahata tapas I noticed that I have one more strong addiction, which I didn’t realise before. I had it for years but only now I started to pay attention to it and realised how destructive it is for me and my relationships. Now, when I know, I decided to write about it and remove this from my life once and for all. Same as I did with the other negative habits and addictions I struggled with. What’s this addiction I’m talking about? It’s blaming.

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Bad habits? Don’t give up!

I had this post almost ready two days ago but one event changed my perspective of how I looked at this topic. So I decided reframe this post. My Inspiration to write this post comes from the fact that many of my close friends are struggling and going back to their old bad habits, which they have quit, sometimes even years ago. Some of them actually went back to those habits.
The event which changed my perspective and gave final shape to this blog was giving a lift to a drug addict and alcoholic person. He came to me at the petrol station and asked if I could take him somewhere. As I’ve travelled by hitchhiking by myself, I try never to decline someone asking for a lift. This time I had many doubts but somehow I agreed to give him a short lift to the edge of the town. He was a young man. He looked very poor and dishevelled. Dirty clothes, plastic bag in his hand. Cuts and primitive, homemade tattoos decorating his forearms. He had a small speaker with some horrible music with him, which I asked him to switch off after he entered the car and he was compulsively mumbling something the entire way.

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Since I started my Svadhisthana tapas I’m crossing the Tropic of Capricorn for the third time. I wrote in the previous post about the connection between this chakra and this astrological sign. I parked tonight at the spot marked as line of the Tropic, exactly the same place as six days ago when I was going to explore the south part of the Northern Territory of Australia with Alice Springs and Uluru. This night which I spent here, six days ago was special – first,  it was a very cold night, coldest since my stay in South New Zealand. From 30 degrees during the day the temperature dropped to 5-6 degrees during the night. Warm clothes and blanket saved me this time. Other special thing was that I had many dreams that night. I have a feeling that I was sleeping and resting, but dreaming all night.

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