Humane means conscious

Two days ago I joined a protest defending animal rights. This manifestation was happening in Warsaw, in front of Polish parliament. The protest was against the plans of the ruling party (Law and Justice) which has given a sign that it wants to withdraw from some of the provisions of the amendment to the Animal Protection Act, such as the ban on fur farming, keeping dogs on chains, using animals in circuses, or ritual slaughter.

While most European Union countries have banned breeding of fur animals (Austria, Great Britain, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Netherlands), or are working on such a ban (Estonia, Belgium, Finland, Italy, Ireland) the Polish fur industry is rapidly growing, attracting numerous foreign investors and making life easier for farmers.

photo: PAP/Jacek Turczyk

It was great to see so many people joining the protest. I’m very happy that this initiative exists and people are raising their voice against injustice and cruelty towards other beings. But when I see people protesting against cruelty, I always have this question inside of my head – If you are against it, do you eat animal products?

Why do you have an empathy for minks, dogs on the chains or elephants in the circus but you can’t see suffering of pigs, chickens or milk cows? Are you aware that there is no humane way of slaughtering? Are you aware, that there is no humane way of producing meat and dairy?

It is contradictive and against logic, that something that creates unnecessary suffering and abuse of other species can be humane. This argument is just our denial. It is the way of our personality protects our self-image. Not to become a monster in our own eyes and start hating our self or become self-destructive. While this mechanism is necessary to survived it has also it’s dark side, which is keeping us in low, reactive state of consciousness.

We need to realise that we are living in a World in which, for the first time in it’s human history, you can get fresh plant based food, from all over the world, 24/7, through the whole year. We are living in a World in which getting meat to eat is not any more a part of the laws of self-regulating ecosystem but it is a product of profit oriented industry violating the laws of the nature. We are leaving in the World in which science is proving that we are not carnivores, or scavengers as most of people heaving meat in their diet should be classified, but herbivores. It is proving that you will find more protein in beans and some vegetables than in meat. It is proving that eating meat and diary develops civilisation diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer or diabeticism.

There is no more excuse for animal farming and slaughtering other than pleasure and custom, not to call it addiction. If you are still justifying meat and diary production and consumption it means you are living in the state of ignorance, not noticing what is really going on around you. And I’m not writing this to make you feel bad about yourself. I’m writing it to share a new facts and perspective which I also wasn’t aware of a couple of years ago. I was also living and thinking in the way the culture I belong too was used to. Repeating beliefs which weren’t mine or which I even didn’t test by myself.

Humane means conscious. Intelligent. Being able to discriminate not according to the rigid laws and codecs but your moral intelligence. Taking in consideration, the change of the conditions and circumstances. Humane means spiritually oriented, coming from the highest possible place. Not reactive and instinct based. Not ignorant, but responsible, seeing the big picture.

This blog post is not to moralise, criticize or even to create a debate. It is to bring into your consciousness, the fact that we are living in totally new times, a new reality. And you need question your beliefs and to make your own choices according to your highest standards. I’m telling you today, it is possible to stop eating animal products from now. To be feel healthy and strong. To become part of the process of a big shift which is happening. The process of unslaving other species and yourself from the collective ignorance.


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