Tame me

I’m a cheeky lion. A proud, impulsive, angry, savage and competitive animal. Tame me. Tame me because I’m a wild beast. I mark my territory and guard it. When someone comes to close, I attack. When something scares me, I attack. I roar. I bite. I tear with my claws. It is my instinct, my raw nature.

I know, I hurt you many times before. Scared the shit out of you. Don’t give up! Tame me. Because only you have the power to do it. Put on a white robe as a sign of your purity and a crown of flowers, which represents femininity at its fullest. A most beautiful expression of nature. Overcome the fear of being hurt. Overcome your doubts, your hesitation – so you can enter my cage.

Remember, you are dealing with a wild animal. Don’t try to defeat me. Don’t try to scare me. Don’t use your force or coercion. Don’t try to cut my main to humiliate me, make me feel small. Don’t try to castrate me, believing that I’ll become your toy.

Instead, use your inner strengths. The power of a woman, which is mightier than any instinct. Mightier than any other power in the whole universe. A power which conquers all darkness, ignorance and reactiveness. To subdue me, bring to my cage love. Bring forgiveness and compassion. That is the spiritual alchemy of being a woman. A woman represents all the power in the universe. Power can’t be defeated with other power, but it can be refined and transcend.

credits : @cosmiccollage


Tonight is the last night of Navaratri – a Hindu festival held in honour of divine femininity. Each of the festivals nine nights is dedicated to a different aspect of the divine feminine principle – shakti. A time devoted to the worship of the existence and beauty of life and creation. A time of magic, purification and elevation. Let us replace fear with love, ruthlessness with kindness, competition with compassion, accusations with forgiveness. Tame me oh Goddess and transcend us to infinity!

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