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I started my chakra tapas siting in my van in Western Australia. It was the end of January 2018. I bought the van a month ago and turned it into little home on wheels all by myself. This car will be carrying me around this huge country.

Building process

I spent around two weeks looking for a van. My preference was to get VW Transporter but I couldn’t find a car in good shape which I could afford. I found another European car, Fiat Scudo. A bit smaller than a Transporter but meeting my criteria – good overall condition, enough space to fit a bed for two people, economical diesel engine, air-condition, and comfortable driver space. A big advantage of this car is that previous owner have installed an additional battery and air-conditioning in the loading area, same as truck drivers have in their cabins. Inside, I built a double bed with hidden underneath storage space and water containers. I tinted the windows, installed stove, mosquito and fly screens and an electrical inverter to be able to charge and use any electrical device.

Building the car wasn’t an easy process due to my lack of experience in this kind of work. But using my creativity, and getting inspiration from Youtube I made it. The building process gave me tones of satisfaction, but travelling and living in this car even more.


I planned to do the loop around Australia together with Charlena, my partner and lover from the last 2 years. My part was to build a car and carry us around, hers to organise tantra workshops (which we were offering before) in the main cities of Australia which we are going to visit. Lack of understanding for each other’s needs, fighting and emotional tension between us resulted in Charlena instead of going with me through south west Australia, choosing to fly to Bali and start a romance which became a new relationship for her.

Nevertheless, being in her new relationship, she decided to join me for some part of the trip and travel together in the van through the east coast of Australia – from Adelaide to Cairns. She did her best to organise our workshops, but at the end it became a failure and most workshops were cancelled due to low interest.



I have already driven 15 000 km. From Perth, Western Australia I drove through the south and east coasts, I went to travel in New Zealand (which I’ll describe in next blogs) and now, when I’m writing this blog post I’m in central Australia at Uluru Mountain, located in the Northern Territory.

Uluru is one of the great natural wonders of the world, a large sandstone rock formation in the southern part of central Australia. It is sacred to the Pitjantjatjara Anangu, the Aboriginal people of the area. Without a doubt it is not only a touristic attraction. It is a place which emanates with great energy. Even if there is not much to do here I have a felling I’d like to stay here longer. I can feel peaceful calmness together with clarity of my mental and emotional state.

According to the tatvas (elements creating reality) you have here great presence of Prithvi (earth element) and Agni (fire element), which is quite obvious. But what makes this place so special is also the great presence of Vayu (air element) and Akasha (space element). All the time you can hear the gentle whisper of the wind, which from time to time is reaching your body and giving a break from the heat and the annoying flies. Space element you can feel everything around. Here, it is undisturbed like almost nowhere else. Filled only by a big, red rock, standing in the middle of nowhere. In the same moment there is very small presence of Apas (water element), usually dominating on our planet. Water here is very precious and not very abundant. Waterholes around the mountain are filling up only after rare rainfall. Some of them are remaining water for months and others are drying up fast.

After months of being on the ocean coast and travelling through wet rainforests, this place is a great break from the flood of water element and a time to balance my overwhelmed Svadhisthana.

From tomorrow I’ll be heading north towards Darwin, continuing my lonely journey through the endless wilderness and from there through the west coast back to Perth.

To see more pictures from my journey visit my Instagram @skandashaiva

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