Makara – Capricorn

The first month of my Svathisthana tapas. I spend mostly on the beaches traveling between Sydney and Cairns. I must say I’m impressed with their beauty. I really love Sydney where the big city is meeting a beautiful sunny beach and somehow those two world are existing interspersing each other. For sure it is a place where I can live and enjoy the lifestyle. I also enjoyed the beauty and ease of Newcastle, vibrant energy of Byron Bay, magic of Whiteheaven Beach, length of the Gold Coast and elegant charm on Noosa. Besides the beach I camped mostly at the campgrounds next to rivers and visiting numerous waterfalls.

This part of the journey I had a company. Charlena flew from Bali and joined me for this adventure. Even though we cancelled all our workshops, which radically influenced the budget of our travel, it was a great time. When we are together we are like two big kids. We are forgetting about the rest of the world. Although we like to have adventures we also appreciate doing most common and usual things like grocery shopping or cooking and eating together. We have exceptional chemistry and there is no shame or shyness is between us. It was a great time to enjoy the bright, playful side of Svathisthana chakra.

Crocodile Country

After reaching Rockhapton in Queensland we pass through the geographical Tropic of Capricorn as well as enter part of Australia which is called The Crocodile Country, due to the large number of these animals living here in the rivers and other wet places.

It is an interesting synchronicity to cross this Tropic exactly during the Svathisthana tapas. I’ll be crossing it 3 times more – twice going to and coming back from Uluru, and the last time just on the end of the tapas when I’ll be coming back through the west coast back to Perth.



Capricorn, even if it is an earth sign, it is an astrological sign related to specific aspects of Svadthistana chakra, which is ruled by the water element. In vedic astrology, Capricorn is called Makara, which is a crocodile or a sea monster. Makara is an animal of Svadhisthana chakra. The animal symbol of a chakra represents the aspect of the chakra which is related mostly to manas – lower, instinctive, reactive part of the mind.  It represents emotional states and responses, which are specific for this level of consciousness.

Makara (a sea monster or a crocodile – another interesting synchronicity) represents the cold emotional nature of Svadhisthana chakra. Unscrupulousness and calculative. A patient hunter who can stay quietly hidden under the water for a long time to catch his pray and pull it under the water to drown it. Primitive and knowing no remorse. There is also a saying ‘to crying with crocodile tears’ which means a false, insincere display of emotion.

That’s why the sign of Makara – Capricorn is a great place for Mars in your astrological chart, because Mars, in general, shows how you do the things, how you act. With Mars in Capricorn you can really make things happen easily. That’s why  Mars in Capricorn is called in exaltation. On the contrary, Capricorn is not the best place to have your Moon. Moon representing your affective side, with our spontaneous and instinctual reactions. Moon in Capricorn is in our detriment. It means in this configuration you don’t have natural ease to experience and express all emotional states. Efficient hunter can’t feel to much, emotions are not going well together with efficiency.


Makara in us

If you have your moon in Capricorn, doesn’t mean you are cold like a reptile person without a heart. Astrology is not that simple. Also if your moon is anywhere else, it doesn’t mean you don’t have any Makara in you. Everyone has their own, private Makara. By working with your Svathisthana chakra you will need to face it. It won’t always be a beautiful and pleasant meeting but it is worth the effort.


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