Bad habits? Don’t give up!

I had this post almost ready two days ago but one event changed my perspective of how I looked at this topic. So I decided reframe this post. My Inspiration to write this post comes from the fact that many of my close friends are struggling and going back to their old bad habits, which they have quit, sometimes even years ago. Some of them actually went back to those habits.
The event which changed my perspective and gave final shape to this blog was giving a lift to a drug addict and alcoholic person. He came to me at the petrol station and asked if I could take him somewhere. As I’ve travelled by hitchhiking by myself, I try never to decline someone asking for a lift. This time I had many doubts but somehow I agreed to give him a short lift to the edge of the town. He was a young man. He looked very poor and dishevelled. Dirty clothes, plastic bag in his hand. Cuts and primitive, homemade tattoos decorating his forearms. He had a small speaker with some horrible music with him, which I asked him to switch off after he entered the car and he was compulsively mumbling something the entire way.

My story
Cigarettes, meat, dairy, alcohol, weed, ejaculation and porn – this is my list. Everyone has their own. One is shorter others longer, depending on our karma. I was doing all these things intemperately through years. I have a compulsive nature, so when I start doing something, I do it. Moderation is not my virtue. I started smoking cigarettes, weed and drinking alcohol when I was thirteen. I was believing that using those substances are signs of maturity. This is how my reality looked back in the 90’s in a post-communist country. As my parents were never interested in healthy lifestyle and nutrition I grew up eating lots of sweets and drinking soft drinks everyday, not mentioning meat, which for most of people is something normal. I discovered porn, which taught me that the final stage of sexual activity for a man is ejaculation and this believe imprisoned my mind for years.
Probably some of you who are reading this post will think, wait a minute? What’s wrong with that? I’m doing all the things from this list from time to time and I’m perfectly fine. I was thinking the same for years. But through the process of self-discovery and spiritual practice I eliminated these from my life. They became not attractive to me anymore. Changing my environment and beliefs and cultivating a yogic, sattvic lifestyle was crucial here. From the point where these habits were ruling my everyday life, I’ve now got to the point were these things are not a temptation for me anymore. I feel relief.

Law of Karma
We are living in a reality ruled by the law of Karma – every action done in this reality is creating adequate reaction which is happening in time. That simple. It means that every action of yours, aware or unaware, will influence your inner and outer environment which will react in creating a certain reality which you will experience, adequate to your action.
Habits, which I have mentioned, are not making you a bad person, but they are limiting your ability to rise your vibration. And overindulgence is lowering your vibration with effects of disharmonising and diminishing your physical, emotional and mental health, as well as spiritual aspiration.

Kaliyuga and Svadhisthana chakra
The age in which we are living in is called by yogis; kaliyuga, which means the dark age. It is the last cycle of the world before a Big Night, when The Universe will disappear, and take some rest before it will start the game again from the beginning. Kaliyuga started around 3100 BCE and will finish after our lifetimes. Most specific to this age is a low vibration. That’s why people are naturally attracted to activities which are resonating with a rather low vibe. In the same way, raising your vibration and energy or creating high resonance during kaliyuga is hard work.
Because human consciousness is mostly seated in the pleasure orientated centre – Svadhisthana chakra, we have ease to involve our self in activities which promises us pleasant gratification. In the same way we are avoiding challenges, especially if there is no pleasant reward for accomplishing it. Svadhisthana consciousness is also related to collective consciousness. One of the crucial needs of this chakra is to belong. That’s why we have a natural tendency to follow those who are in our group – family, organisation, church etc.
Low resonance, pleasure orientation and collective thinking of Svadhisthana chakra can be bit of a burden during this kaliyuga period. Each one of us will struggle with some temptations in this or another way through our life.

Don’t give up!
You can’t bare with uncomfortable situations which occurs in your life? You feel financial pressure, achievement pressure? You are having relationships problems? You lost your purpose and don’t know what to do next with your life? Or maybe you are just a bit bored with the life of a good yogi or being a good person and you are looking for a little drama or trouble to spice up your life?
Don’t give up!
Problems will always come sooner or later, relationships will change or finish, the same as your projects or goals. It is an inevitable part of everyone’s life. Remember – If you ever manage to free yourself from your bad habit, treat it always as grace. Become grateful for the beautiful gift from the World or God. Don’t take it for granted. You are lucky if you removed the burden of addiction from your life, which was not allowing you to shine with your full potential.
Every time you have temptation to continue with your bad habit, remind yourself how much time and determination it costs you to overcome it. Remember also that there must be a good reason why you quit it. Remember this poor young man who came to me and asked for a lift. He didn’t have as much luck as you. He is still waiting for his grace to come and liberate him from his torment. Remember how lucky you are. Send him your blessings and compassion and allow him to go. He has his own path, own speed, and own time, just the way we all do. He is here to show you where you are now. How much you have done with yourself. Your responsibility is not to take him out from his darkness, which you can’t do, but to focus on you and raising your consciousness. Keep shining! Because that’s the only way to defeat the darkness.

4 Replies to “Bad habits? Don’t give up!”

  1. Nice post!
    I m an addict too, and i gave up quite a few things along the road, just like you.
    While travelling with friends, i got back on smoking a joint with them, at night, around the fire while camping. That was nice. But my addict nature is what it is, and few months later I was back on chain smoking weed. It lasted 5 months.
    Now I m free again. But I got a good lesson there. And I m glad it was only with weed, it would have been a nighmare with alcohol.
    For me, the key when I give up on something is to change my mindset and to see how emprisoned I am by my habbit, and how much I d like to be free. Freedom is one of my core value, and I can do wonder when it comes to it.
    Keep posting, it s very inspiring

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